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TEAM is a unique performance enhancement and injury prevention program that unlocks the athlete's potential to run faster, jump higher, move more quickly, throw harder, or swing faster - in short, TO PLAY BETTER!



Who's on the TEAM?

Duke Doctors of Physical Therapy, degreed experts trained in movement analysis and exercise, work with experts in skills and strength training to maximize the athlete's all around performance.



That's why we are better!

We have the highest educated therapists using the most advanced technology and working in concert with the coach or trainer to bring a professional level experience to every athlete, regardless of skill level or age. The combination of all of these experts working for the athlete creates a synergy which unlocks the athlete's maximum potential.





TEAM partners with "3D experts" Welch-e technologies.

Coach Mike Zeillmann (Coach Z') joins TEAM Basketball!!

TEAM Welcome's Kelley Phillips to our team of experts

TEAM announces affiliation with BounceBack Kids!!!

What They Are Saying About TEAM!!

Eric Hegedus and Sheana Mosch

Featured Athlete: Sheana Mosch- Pro Basketball Player

Sheana is a 1999 Pennsylvania player of the year and high school All American who totaled 3036 points at Dubois Central Catholic High School.

She went on to star at Duke where she was a 2 year captain and a key player on a Duke team that made 2 consecutive NCAA Final Four appearances.

Since graduating Duke, she has played 4 years as a professional overseas including 2 in Turkey for Botas and 2 in France for Arras and then Montpellier. She is a perennial leading scorer and All-star in her respective league, and last year in Montpellier, was named best guard in France and made the Euroleague All-star team alongside many Olympians.

She says of TEAM: “Coach Z is the best skills trainer I have ever worked with. For the past 8 years, he has motivated me through his deep love and knowledge of the game to become the best player I can be. I am sure that without coach Z, I would not be where I am today.”

“This Summer I came to Dr Hegedus for help with chronic plantar fasciitis. In my previous 2 seasons in France, I noticed that because of my foot pain, my vertical leap had decreased and I had lost acceleration and power. When I met with him, he immediately identified the biomechanical source of my pain and showed me some unique stretches and exercises to get my feet back to pain-free. After having done those exercises religiously for 2 months, my feet feel great. I can explode off the ground and hang in the air, and I can run and cut without any pain.”